IM Video Image Capture

IM Video Image Capture 4.1

Software to capture images from video sources

The IM Video Image Capture software program lets you capture an image from any video source and save the image frame for future viewing. The program comes with a free DirectX codec and immediately helps you get a snapshot of a picture that comes from a specific video source.

The IM Video Image Capture is not limited to just capturing pictures on your PC. It will also allow you to manage the image frames so that you can easily build an image library of your own.

You can even categorize each of them in separate folders. The IM Video Image Capture can help you get your images organized as well to make sure that all your images are in the right folder all the time.

The program has an easy to use interface that makes it effortless even for first time users to grasp what they can do with the application. The IM Video Image Capture also allows you to send your personal images to people you want to share it with.